"Goats Having Fun"

AFVVirals Published January 25, 2018 822 Plays

Rumble "These cute little goats seem to have endless fun jumping over their parents. Bouncing, playing around, making a mess... Nope, we are not talking about dogs or cats here, just two baby goats. We are sure that you have never realized how adorable goats are until you've watched this video. Apparently, for this guys, anything that can support their body weight is officially a playground. Their parents served them as a perfect jumping box, such an irony of fate, right? But it's kinda funny, LOL! Hopping over fences and climbing on mountains is their favorite sport. They can climb a tree too! These four-legged animals feed very simply because they eat almost everything they find edible in front of their eyes. Did you know that super soft cashmere comes from goats? In fact, goats were the first animals to be domesticated and that proves that they are Greatest Of All Time (GOAT)!"