Greek-Orthodox Hypnotherapist Dr. Theo Kousouli Joins Jesse! (#345)

23 days ago

On this week's episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Dr. Theo Kousouli—He is a Greek-Orthodox Christian hypnotherapist, chiropractor, author, and transformational healer. In this intriguing episode, Jesse and Dr. Kousouli engage in a thought-provoking conversation that traverses the intersection of faith, alternative healing practices, and the complexities of the human mind. Dr. Kousouli shares insights into his unique approach to healing, blending traditional Christian values with hypnotherapy and chiropractic care. Don't miss this enlightening discussion as they delve into the convergence of science, spirituality, and the power of the mind. Tune in for an episode that promises to challenge perspectives, inspire contemplation, and offer a fresh exploration of the connections between faith and holistic well-being.

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