Adorable Chihuahua Likes To Stand Up For Attention

AlisonBedellPublished: January 25, 2018Updated: January 26, 20181,221 plays$7.64 earned
Published: January 25, 2018Updated: January 26, 2018

What would you do to get some attention from someone? Come on, don’t be shy; we know how people are down for some pretty crazy idea, if that means that they will be noticed! Body embellishments, makeup, crazy hairstyles or colors, interesting choices of wardrobe (to say the least), these are just a few of the myriad of choices people make to attract views from the crowd.

But what if you are a tiny little pup and you are in desperate need of some smooches? Do you shave your fur into a Mohawk, die it in the colors of the rainbow and flaunt it? Nope, that is what your owner might do. There is only so much that a minuscule pup can do, and one of those things is to just get up on your hind legs and act like a <a href="" target="_blank">drama queen</a>!

Minnie the adorably tiny <a href="" target="_blank">Chihuahua</a> would like nothing more than to get some sugar from daddy, but there is one problem! She is just a couple of feet tall, while her owner is easily 5 foot 12, maybe even full 6 feet tall! What can she do to get noticed?

She perches herself up on the couch cushions and makes these incredibly silly faces, no one can ignore her! And when she wants to be pet, she strokes her own head and squints her tiny little eyes, making both her owners melt just by looking at her. So sweet!

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