Talented Musician Makes Cover Of 'Video Killed The Radio Star' Using GarageBand

DanBakerMusicPublished: January 25, 201820 views
Published: January 25, 2018

Musician Dan Baker made an impressive cover of “Video Killed the Radio Star” using sounds from iPad Garageband iOS 10 with additional vocals mixed on iPad for board effects. It sounds amazing!

It is amazing how advanced technology enabled this man to make a cover of this popular song using only a tablet. He gave a fresh new style to Buggles' 1979 hit, "Video Killed the Radio Star" by using only the fantastic on-board sounds of GarageBand for iOS 10, which proved to be so unbelievably powerful!

In addition, all vocal parts were recorded using the internal mic, with lead vocal processed through the internal guitar amplifier simulator. While the original 1979 vocal was played back through a VOX AC30 guitar amplifier to get that specific sound.

Of course, the entire recording was mixed on the iPad as well, with lots of effects not fazing it in the slightest. "Alchemy" is an expensive sounding synth, also used on Logic Pro X, and the bass sound actually sounds like a Fender Precision.

The blue regions showing on the tablet are all the vocal parts, three per harmony part. The vocal part of the original was played back through a guitar amplifier, the same idea was used here but with the help of software. In addition the three guitar parts were separately recorded and were transposed up an octave afterwards.

He couldn’t find big glasses with clear lenses to complete the retro styling, but nonetheless he threw an amazing performance that we couldn’t tell the difference when we heard him play and sing!

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