Authors of Book Hyping Fani Willis Endure Book Tour Hell

4 months ago

Imagine putting tons of work into a book and just as it is released, the entire premise of the book is completely upended. Such was the case of Michael Isikoff and Daniel Klaidman who wrote a book, "Find Me The Votes," hyping Fulton County prosecutor Fani Willis as a brilliant and dynamic prosecutor only to have her personal corruption scandal exposed shortly before the release of the book on January 30, 2024. What to do? What to do? Well, what Isikoff and Klaidman are doing is going ahead with their planned book tour. However, despite being interviewed by friendly hosts, they still have to face the overwhelming issue of Willis' corruption in which she paid about $650,000 in public funds to her married boyfriend who took her on expensive cruises, restaurants, and hotel vacations.

Watch this compilation of poor Isikoff and Klaidman having to answer questions they obviously prefer not to answer about Willis' corruption which seems likely to DESTROY her case against President Trump. It just has to be HELL to go on a book tour when the corruption of the person you hyped made a MOCKERY of the premise of that book.

My recommendation is that the book be retitled to "Find Me The Dolts" who published this book just as the Fani Willis scandal EXPLODED.

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