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2 months ago

20 years later. 2 wars later. Is America safer?

Featuring heart wrenching personal accounts from military heroes and gold star families, this docudrama explores the current state of America’s national security well after America’s longest war has ended. Shot around the world in the USA, Mexico, Afghanistan, Panama and Kenya, this bi-partisan film objectively traces America’s current vulnerabilities in the national security arena that allow international terrorism to continue to threaten the United States post the twenty year global war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan.

narration & voices:
~ Nick Searcy (Police State)
~ Elise Robertson (American Sniper)
~ Alex Veadov (Act of Valor)
~ Yousuf Azami (Lone Survivor)

featured stories:
~ Beau Wise (sole survivor; lost both siblings; GWOT)
~ Shana Chappell (gold star mom; lost two sons; GWOT)
~ John Peck (quadruple amputee; GWOT)
~ Paulina Campbell (gold star mom; lost only child; GWOT)
~ Debbie Mason (gold star mom; lost vet son; suicide; GWOT)
~ Buchanan 8 (largest loss of life from a high school; GWOT)
[GWOT = Global War on Terror]

featured experts:
~ Mark Morgan (Asst. Dir., FBI)
~ Cory Mills (Congressman)
​~ Paul Gosar (Congressman)
​~ Vikram Sood (Dir., RAW)
~ ​James Carafano (Heritage Fdn.)
~ ​Mark Krikorian (Exec. Dir., CIS)
~ ​Dan Stein (President, FAIR)
~ ​Dr. Iqtidar Mohd. Khan (Chair, Islamic Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia)
~ ​Francis Montil (Senior UNHCR Investigator)
~ ​Todd Bensman (Counter-Terrorism Expert, Journalist)
~ ​Lt. Col. Scott Mann (Operation Pineapple Express, Afghanistan)
​~ Kevin Lynn (Institute for Sound Public Policy)

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