Stubborn Husky Repeatedly Says ‘NO’ When Told To Go To Kennel

6 years ago

Huskies are known to throw temper tantrums about almost anything you can think of, and are also very vocal when they're being denied having it their way. If you, or any of your friends or family have a Husky, you certainly know that this can be a daily or weekly occurrence!

In this case, meet Brian, the extremely stubborn Siberian Husky who is often arguing with his owner when it is time to go to bed. Apparently, Brian does not like to go in his "house" and would rather hang out on the couch. Listen how clearly the Husky says "NO" to his owner when he repeatedly tells him to go to his house! Brian definitely sounds like any other toddler would when it's time for bed!

Watch how this Siberian Husky engages in a one-sided heated argument for preferring the couch over his kennel. He sure knows how to throw a temper tantrum when he wants to have it his own way! You've got to admire him for trying!

When it comes to one of the most talkative breeds of all, the Husky, they can really do some back talking! Footage shows dad telling Brian to “go in his house,” and the dog just sits on the couch wagging his tail, ignoring the command, before he starts dropping some “no” bombs!

Hilariously, Husky’s little whines and vocal arguments sound exactly like he’s saying “NO!” to owner, or maybe the stubborn pup actually picked this word up from his owner and knows what it means. Nonetheless, it seems like the dog has a firm grasp on the word “NO.” and he won’t take NO for an answer!

Maybe Brian enjoys his kennel on occasion for sleeping and resting, but when he wants to stay on the couch nothing can stop him in his intention. Have you ever seen a dog disliking his kennel so much that he has learnt how to tell his owner 'NO' when he tries to put him inside his cradle!

If animals could talk, this adorable baby Husky would certainly have more than one word for his owner. However, it is enough that Brian learnt to say NO to his owner and he has indeed a mouthful of NO’s to throw at him! Watch the video for yourself and enjoy the priceless interaction.

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