Unrestricted | Shawn McBreairty: Defeating Legislation on Transgender Trafficking

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3 months ago

The State of Maine has been consistently implementing policies that infringe upon parental rights and harm children. The recent efforts by Democratic legislators in Maine aimed to broaden access to sex-change procedures for all American minors without parental consent through bill LD 1735, better known as the “transgender trafficking bill.” However, due to the activism of parents who contacted their representatives and publicly exposed the evil nature of LD 1735, gaining traction on social media with support from prominent conservative figures, the bill was defeated in the judiciary committee, according to Shawn McBreairty, a parental rights activist, podcaster, and media personality.

In this interview with The New American, Shawn outlines the provisions of LD 1735 and shares insights gained from successfully defeating the bill, aiming to prevent similar legislation from being enacted elsewhere. Shawn also delves into the scientific evidence demonstrating the irreversible harm done to children by certain butcherous procedures such as phalloplasty and subsequent suicidal inclinations. The encouraging news is that American parents are becoming increasingly aware of the reality that powerful political and corporate interests will go to extreme lengths, even at the expense of children's well-being and lives, to further their agendas. To protect children, Shawn advocates for strategies such as withdrawing them from public schools, implementing parental restrictions on and monitoring social media usage, and emphasizing the importance of a strong moral foundation.

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