He Man Revolution Review - It Still SUCKS! Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe Revolution is a FAIL!

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2 months ago

He Man Revolution Review - He Man Revolution SUCKS and Kevin Smith FAILS Again! After Kevin Smith's prior He-Man and the Masters of the Universe failure with He Man Revelation, Kevin Smith once again proves that he doesn't know what he's doing with He-Man Revolution aka Masters of the Universe Revolution. Another Kevin Smith sequel series flop. Kevin Smith's first He-Man series was woke just as Clownfish TV had reported but He Man Revolution isn't much of a course correction. Did Kevin Smith make an effort to fix his He-Man mistakes? Yes but the show is still a woke disaster even if the character of Teela has slightly improved. What does William Shatner do on He Man Revolution? Watch TV and movie critic Price of Reason review, react and breakdown He Man Revolution including Episode 1, Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4 and Episode 5. If you watched the he man revolution trailer and weren't sure if you should watch the actual series, make sure to watch Price of Reason He Man review first. Masters of the Universe Revolution Review.

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