Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse - with Gloria Masters

23 days ago

We're at the ⁠Let Kids Be Kids desk with Gloria Masters, chatting about her new book - Keeping Kids Safe, A Roadmap for Parents, Teachers & Others.

Parents, you are the experts on your children.
Parents, it’s time to remember your authority and role as the protectors of your children. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and online.

This book is a great tool to support parents and caregivers by providing helpful, practical tools to identify and assist children who have been sexually abused.

Who gets groomed?
Not only children. Also parents, the community, and society in general.

Is this book in schools?
Through word of mouth, teachers are finding this book helpful, one Principal has asked Gloria to come and carry out professional development with staff. Gloria is available to do this. Get in touch with your child’s teacher or principal - you may want to donate a copy of this book to your local school.

Available for coaching and speaking engagements
Gloria is available for individual and group coaching, schools and public meetings. If you have a local group, contact Gloria and start the conversation.
Find Gloria online at
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