Dr Gerry Brady

2 months ago

Dr Gerry Brady

Doctor of Medicine (retired) -- University of Queensland, Australia

30 Years of patient focused clinical experience in Medicine

Founder: Covid Under Question Cross Party Enquiry by Members of the Australian Senate and Federal Parliament 23rd March 2022 Videos --

Founder: Your Covid Daily Newspaper 2021 CMNnews

Founder: BOOM Finance and Economics 2015 -- Weekly Newspaper and Blog on Global Macro View


Co-Founder: Bio-Pharmaceutical Research & Development Company 1990

(Genetically manipulated micro-organisms, large scale fermentation and Anti-cancer therapeutics)

Co-Founder: Internet mapping company 2000
(first to map the Internet: IP Address to Geographic location)

Covid Daily Newspaper: https://cmnnews.substack.com/
BOOM Newspaper:
https://boomfinanceandeconomics.substack.com/ (Subscribe here for Free)

BOOM Blog:
https://boomfinanceandeconomics.wordpress.com/ (contains all BOOM Editorials)

Special Interests: Risk Assessment, Critical Thinking, Ethics, Decision Making, Global Macro-Economics, Global Geopolitics, the Future, Monetary Systems, Global Finance, High Technology, Currencies, Investment, Financial Markets, Artificial Intelligence.

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