Female Bearded Dragon Waving at Male on Child

Published January 24, 2018 2,598 Views

Rumble Blaze The Female Bearded dragon Lizard is Waving and Head bopping at the Male Bearded Dragon Rango Whilst sitting on my Daughter she try's to feed her but she's not interested in that!

Arm Waving
This is when the bearded dragon will stand high on three legs and will raise the remaining leg in the air and wave it in a circular motion.
There are a couple of possible meanings when a bearded dragon waves it's arms. One meaning is species recognition. If a bearded dragon waves at another bearded dragon, it tells the other dragon that he/she is aware of their presence.
Another meaning is submission. A bearded dragon may wave his or her arm whenever they are approached by a larger bearded dragon or whenever a larger animal approaches the dragon.
Bearded Dragon Head Bobbing
Head bobbing is more common in males and it when a bearded dragon will repeatedly raise and lower their head.
Head bobbing is generally used as a sign of dominance between two dragons. Males will head bob at females to show their dominance during breeding. Other times two bearded dragons will head bob at each other as a sign of territorial aggression.
Generally, the faster the head bob the more threatening. If a bearded dragon is head bobbing another dragon quickly, it's generally for territorial reasons. However, if a bearded dragon slowly head bobs another dragon, it can be a sign of submission.

Bearding - Fluffing Their Beard
Both male and females bearded dragons expand their beards. Generally they will do this as a defensive behaviour to make themselves seem bigger. However, it is not unusual for a bearded dragon to stretch their beards from time to time without being provoked.
Blaze is a Red Bearded Dragon, they make great pets and are probably one of the easiest to look after once the Vivarium is all set up how it should be.