If You Draw A Square On The Floor, A Cat Will Magically Appear

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Published: January 24, 2018Updated: January 25, 2018

If you put a cardboard box in your room no cat will resist the temptation to get in it. However, what happens if you only draw the outline of a box? Will just a square shape be enough to make a cat get in and feel comfortable? Make a square and watch a cat claim its kingdom!

Thinking inside the box is the latest pet prank and is about trapping cats in squares made of tape stuck to the floor. Did you know that if you put a square on the floor, the cat will get in it? Can you really trap a cat by drawing a square on the floor? Watch the video and find out!

Footage shows a man drawing the outlines of a box on the floor and sets up a neat experiment for his unsuspecting cat. Moments later, curiosity killed the cat and the ignorant feline got "trapped" inside this space for days. Incredible!

The experiment is simple, just outline a square or rectangle on your floor using a tape and test the theory that cats can't resist jumping inside the square! There is no doubt that cats like squeezing into narrow places and like to hide in boxes. So what makes cats so interested in a square on the floor?

Cats like safe spaces, so the marking on the floor creates some illusion for the feline, similar to a low-sided box that a lot of cats are attracted to with regards of safety! They imagine and feel as if they are 'in' something which even though is shallow it is still comforting. It is a fact that cats have poor close-up vision, so they may have the perception that the tape is actually the sides of a confined area. Are you mystified with this type of feline behavior?

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