If They Fit In My Purse They Are Coming With Me

rumblestaffPublished: January 24, 2018130 views
Published: January 24, 2018

This is the adorable moment when a lady decided to take her three French Bulldogs for a walk, but the pooches were sleepy so she decided to load them into her purse and carry them around as she goes. If it fits I sits!

It is not humane to just toss your four-legged roommate in with your keys, lip balm and other purse-handy items. However, a pup who could fit in your purse is often the best kind to have if you want a snuggling expert who takes up less space than most cats.

Watch how cute these pups look, all tucked inside a purse, enjoying their bumpy ride. This lady has come up with a very creative way of carrying her pups around when they are sleepy. She simply put them inside her purse and the little tots didn’t complain. They tucked comfortably in and fell asleep almost instantly.

Footage shows the heartwarming moment as these three puppies are sleeping inside a moving purse, while owner is out walking. Obviously, the purse is cracked open for them to breathe properly, but the tiny eyes of these French Bulldog pups are wide shut as she goes, and open when she places the purse on the ground, and they get it as a signal that they have arrived!

Have you ever seen puppies being taken for a walk in a lady purse? Well, this is a video of three French Bulldogs neatly tucked into a purse as their owner carries them around.

The celebrity trend of carrying pets in handbags was put into practice. Hollywood stars and socialites like Paris Hilton, Britney Spears and Hilary Duff, have spread this trend into the general public.

However, people don't always fully realize that dogs are not accessories and have needs like food, exercise, lots of attention and other things that don't fit into a purse. Even if your pup can't stay in your handbag, it can still be your perfect companion, people!

Full credit: lavishfrenchbulldogs ( https://www.instagram.com/lavishfrenchbulldogs/ )

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