Cute Puppy With Elephant-Like Floppy Ears Catches Wifi Signal

RowieeeremigioPublished: January 24, 201837,520 views
Published: January 24, 2018

A hilarious footage has emerged featuring a little puppy named Peanut flopping his cute ears. Video shows as this adorable pooch moves his ears in a funny manner, instead of taking an inside out position, the floppy ears of this canine stand outside in! Outstanding indeed!

When Peanut flops his ears around in order to react to incoming sounds, it looks like he is looking for a Wifi signal to catch! How adorable!

Unlike the ears of other dogs, Peanut seems to have elephant-like ears that are positioned outside in, so when owner starts talking, this dog’s ear start to move towards one another until they touch. Incredible!

Dog’s ears would move in reaction to peculiar sounds with their doglike ear swivel. This happens because of the tiny ear muscles that scientists consider ‘vestigial.’ When dogs hear interesting or intense sounds these muscles react by straining to move the ears in different directions without turning their head!

Floppy ears are super cute, but you might wonder if there's a deeper reason why some dogs' ears droop. Basset Hounds, Bloodhounds, Beagles, there are countless dog breeds known for their floppy ears. Big droopy ears that flop back and forth and flutter in the wind make for a cute pup, and science has a theory about why so many dog breeds have the distinctive trait. For their explanation, researchers first look to the wild. Dogs were domesticated from wolves, but comparing them now, few dog breeds have actual physical similarities to their wild ancestors, ears included.

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