"Silly Cat In A Costume"

Published January 24, 2018 604 Views

Rumble "Cats can be so ridiculous at times that you won't believe their reaction to things. Like in this video, where a silly feline dressed in a red dinosaur costume, terrifies her cat buddy pretty good. The other kitty looks so shocked like he'd seen a ghost. And when the clothed furry friend loses his balance, he is startled and he jumps up in the air. Cats are very friendly and fun-loving, even though sometimes they do weird stuff and act mysteriously. Dressing up your pet, because of Halloween or for no reason is sure not the right thing to do. No doubt it will look funny, but the animal hates it. They can be scared of unusual things, like from a cucumber. Cucumbers are so frightening, right? Cats will react so fast and in panic, that every now and then they can be afraid of themselves, just like in this video."