"Funny Dog Scratching His Behind"

AFVViralsPublished: January 24, 2018
Published: January 24, 2018

"There is nothing funnier than a dog oddly scratching his behind. And can you imagine that he is using a rope to do that? Well, unbelievably, but it's true! While being at a field, this woman got into a very interesting situation and she laughed so hard. Dogs can develop a skin irritation and when something is itching, you have to deal with it. This cute hound couldn't find a better way to end his annoying torture, so he decided to use the first thing he saw. That rope surely provided some relief or at least we think so. It is not a strange thing for dogs to have itching problems, every now and then, no matter if their hair is short or long, allergies can cause that kind of reaction. So don't worry, it is normal for dogs to scratch, but be sure to make a video next time and send it to us."

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