"Kid Looks For His Dad In The Toilet Bowl"

AFVViralsPublished: January 24, 2018
Published: January 24, 2018

"Small children can be really innovative in search of something. This funny little kid is following the voice of his dad and looks for him in the toilet bowl. Ridiculous, don't you think? His mom is making sure everything gets filmed, so they can laugh together at this silly moment. Kids appear to be adventurous when exploring new things and they do that very often. When you are in a bathroom, it is not so easy to decide where an echo comes from. The boy, named Colin is not sure where his dad is hiding, so in confusion, he searches all over the toilet seat and looks pretty much distressed. His mom is laughing out loud at the view because she set up a funny prank. So if your child appears this lost, not knowing what to do, just like the kid in this video, don't worry, there is nothing strange about it."

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