"Cute Cat Faints After Meal"

AFVViralsPublished: January 24, 201829 views
Published: January 24, 2018

"Cats will do anything they please just to make you serve them because they act like they own you, not the opposite. But this little kitty had enough food, feels dizzy and faints right after the meal. The reaction is priceless. It seems that cats can have human-like characteristics when they overeat. We know that eating a good lunch even if it's junk food, can make us feel sleepy and want to have a nap and that is what exactly happened to this lovely kitty. Beside the common stereotypes that cats are solitary animals and don't like to hang out with humans, they are actually thriving for families with kids where they can play games and have a good time. In fact, pets adore small children and the love is mutual for sure. If you enjoy filming your cat doing silly things, then this video is just the right for you."

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