Funny Dog Can't Quite Figure Out How To Use Personal Stairs

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Published: January 23, 2018Updated: January 24, 2018

There is a reason why the proverb says that curiosity killed the cat and it doesn’t say that it killed the dog. Cats are very fond of finding out everything there is to know about the space they live in, while dogs are just happy to have food and a comfortable space to lay their head to sleep at night.

This is why it comes as no surprise that this pupper doesn’t know how to use the stairs. The youngun is very focused on pleasing his owner, but he just doesn’t understand how the contraption works. He tries to climb a step, but it seems that it doesn’t go according to plan. Apparently, his feet don’t move like those of his owner, and ultimately, it confuses him so much, he just gives up. He’s determined to get to the top one day, but today is just not that day.

Let’s just face it, dogs are a man’s best friend not because they exude intelligence, but because they use it to interact with us, to give us hugs and to make us laugh when we’re said. If we wanted to admire a pet because of its intelligence, we would have gotten a parrot and taught him how to pronounce all sorts of words and even sentences. That’s not to say that dogs are dim witted. The puppers just decide to focus their energy when it’s really needed, and that is alright with us. We would love them anyway.

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    TheEbonyDiva3 · 42 weeks ago

    Poor can do it!!! 💖😃💞