The Economic Truth Special Report 5: How To Prepare For Economic Crisis in The Northern Hemisphere

3 months ago

In this episode, John talks with Dean Sopher from Arkopia, a world-leading business in the freeze-dried market and an exceptional Saskatchewan farmer and carpenter.

We talk about how he grows tropical fruits and vegetables in -50C and his greenhouse produces food 24/7/365 in Canada.

We go into how he built his passive greenhouse that is amazingly energy efficient and how, after three years of growing, he just harvested 40 pounds of bananas during the -50C polar vortex in Saskatchewan.

We go into what you need to know to create a fully self-sufficient homestead in Northern cold climates that will feed you and your family.

We talk about Arkopia and how they freeze-dried fresh fruit, a great game-changer for survival food.

We go into how and why he chose Saskatchewan and didn't move to warmer climates.

We go into the current economic state of Canada and what we see will be the potential outcome and how to survive it over the next decades.

We go into the importance of self-sufficiency for the future survival and real sustainability of our planet and society.

This and much more in this video!

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