1,500 Chinese Workers Built A Railroad In Only 9 Hours

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Published: January 23, 2018

We can all learn from each other on this planet on one subject or another, and that's a given. When it comes down to building new infrastructures or building or skyscrapers, it may be best to look at the Chinese. So to speak, they have managed to build entire cities overnight with nothing but great teamwork and understanding.

The unimaginable success they have had completing such tasks that other people take weeks and even months to complete. China needed a railway station built - quickly. A small army of workers with a collective one-track mind later and the job was done overnight.

Now, how, is the main question here. How is it that they have managed to complete such workload in that short of a while. The secrets might lay in their dedication, hard work, great team understanding, great leadership and many many other greats that would fall into this equation.

According to Zhan Daosong, a deputy manager at China Tiesiju Civil Engineering Group, the communist country’s main railroad construction company, the workers were split into seven units in order to take on seven simultaneous tasks. One thing is for certain, such masterpiece must be admired and learned from as also a motivation to all others. If we all just put our minds to one thing and indulge in great working habits, China has proven that anything is possible.

Take a look as this video reveals some of what the Chinese had to do in order to achieve such greatness. Truly inspirational!

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