Drone Footage Captures Spectacular Ice Breakup On Frozen Humber River

Published January 23, 2018 2,568 Views

Rumble / Natural PhenomenaA mesmerizing footage has emerged of a winter phenomenon featuring ice breakups on a frozen river. Check out this majestic aerial photography of the Humber River during breakup after a deep freeze. So cool!

This incredible drone footage has captured the dazzling sight of what a frozen river has turned into. Watch how dramatic this river sight is as ice parts are scattered all over the place. What a marvellous phenomenon to witness!

This happens due to the dynamic interaction of moving ice with the flow and with the stationary ice cover. The breakup of the winter ice cover is a seminal event in the regime of northern rivers, and in the life cycle of river and basin ecosystems. Breakup ice jams can cause extreme flood events, with major impacts on riverside communities, aquatic life, infrastructure, navigation, and hydropower generation.

Watch this cool phenomena as drone captures the impressive footage of ice chunks scattered all along Humber. You can see what is left of the previously frozen river, as the entire surface of ice broke up into chunks. The chaotic mess of ice and tree branches gave us a tingling sensation. Ice jams happen when ice-covered rivers get extra water from rain or snowmelt, rising up quickly and breaking up the ice in big chunks.

Predicting whether and where the ice cover of a river is going to break up as a result of increased runoff, is crucial in such concerns as environmental impact assessment of climatic and hydrologic changes, emergency flood warning and mitigation, and winter hydro-power production.