1000 Islands Regatta, Brockville Hydroplane Crash, June 2011

ChristopherJohnPublished: January 23, 201818 views
Published: January 23, 2018

Just a normal day in June, 2011, down at the Waterfront in Brockville, ON, for a great view of the 1000 Islands Hydroplane Regatta. A little windy and cloudy which produced some chop on the water, but fans came to see some racing! The crash occurs in front of me towards the end of the video, a loop de loop of excitement, and thankfully, no injuries to the operator, who was able to walk away after the accident.
Rescue personnel on scene did an amazing job rescuing the operator.

A hydroplane is nothing less than a plane without wings! At heart-pounding speeds, air whips through the tunnel - the empty space between the boat’s sponsons - and lifts the boat up so that practically only the propeller is touching the water.

Hydroplane: Single seater fiberglass or carbon fiber equipped with two sponsons and a centre section as light as 750LB for 1.5L and heavy as 2700 Lb for Grand Prix class. It is thrust through the water by a surface piercing propeller powered by up to 1500 HP Grand Prix motor at speeds of 150-160Mph. Visibility is reduced to almost zero in the corners with water turned up by the skid fins that help the boat to turn sharply. Loss of control at high speeds and risk of collision is high. There is no power steering and braking systems such as in your car.
Just a front "canard" wing to help keep the boat on the water!
What an experience I can only imagine!

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