"Cute Girl Is Extremely Happy She Is Having A Sister"

AFV Published January 23, 2018 16 Plays

Rumble "This cute girl's celebration dance after finding out she is having a baby sister is the cutest thing you will see today! When women announce that a baby is on it’s way, everyone has different reactions, but surely a smile on their face and warmness in their heart. While fathers may secretly wish for a baby boy, kids and especially girls are happy with a new sister in the family. In this case, the dad is filming the kids' reaction to the new family member. The mom is proudly showing them a picture of their sibling in an ultrasound pictures. She asks her daughter if she wants to know the gender, and then whispers it to her ear. The girl’s is surprised at the start and looks at her dad telling him that it’s a girl. Then she starts yelling happily, that she is going to have a sister and jumps on the sofa wearing a cute dotted skirt and red t-shirt. The parents are laughing so hard seeing the reaction of their daughter which is priceless."