Baseball Prodigy Absolutely Crushes An Indoor Home Run

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Published: January 23, 2018

For some of us it is in our nature to love sports and be overly enthusiastic about them. For those who do care about sports they must also follow them on TV and keep up with all the games and all the sports channels. Like many sports, baseball also includes being tough and precise. Especially when it comes down to hitting a tiny ball with a big bat.

For this kid however it all seems to run smoothly. He has no stutter and his attention and determination is definitely something to be admired. As he lines up, his full focus is on whats coming, in this case the ball, and he is ready to show everyone his skills and precision.

His dad encourages him to back up so that he has the room to fetch him the ball. As his dad throws the ball at him, this kid takes a huge swing and absolutely nails the ball off the camera's view. For everyones luck, there is no crushing sound in the background which means he is yet to break some of moms chine in the future.

While most people think of sports like baseball as a purely physical activity, sometimes you have to use your head to figure things out! Although we don't recommend you literally use your head like this kid did! This is one baseball blunder you won't want to miss! Looks like it's getting to a point where they may have to go outside to hit because it's not just baseballs taking damage!

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