"Dog Just Loves Socks"

Published January 23, 2018 1,640 Plays

Rumble "Dogs can have weird ways of playing games and entertaining themselves. This dog just loves socks and he is so happy to welcome you in his house... by taking the socks off your feet! Haha! Ridiculously, but his owner has nothing against his specific will. He even encourages him to do that and in this case, the guest is his own mother. The dog is super cute and gentle in pulling out the socks from the old lady and she doesn't mind at all. Little doggies are perfect pets and their behavior make us laugh out loud. Being an owner of a pet gives you the chance to experience this kind of amusement most of the time, so if you think that your life is getting boring and monotone, consider buying or even better, adopting a pet, which will surely bring some positive energy and happiness in your regular day."