Big Dog Surprisingly Fits Into Tiny House

Published January 23, 2018 22,557 Views $23.89 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesWe all have that special nook in the house that is ours and no one else’s. It is the place we would like to curl ourselves in a ball in and just lay until the end of time, or at least until our problems or the bad weather pass us by.

Dogs are very much like us in that manner. Our loving pets, too, have a comfortable nest where they love to sit and wait for us to show them some love. We might give them the most comfortable dog beds or even let them sleep on down feathers, but they would still climb on our beds or sleep on the cat bed when we turn our attention to something else.

They are creatures of habit which means that they find comfort in the things they already know and are aware of. If you don’t believe us, just look at this big pupper. He lives in a house with multiple dogs which means that he can choose from a variety of dog houses, but guess what he does! He continuously goes to sit in the smallest one of them all.

This pupper must have been a contortionist in his past life because it is almost impossible that he fits inside. Even though he must feel very uncomfortable, he just lies there as if he is in bliss. What a complete weirdo, but we love him nonetheless.