"Dog Helping Kid Fail"

AFVViralsPublished: January 23, 2018
Published: January 23, 2018

"This amazing dog thinks that he is helping the kid from drowning, but he is wrong and he fails doing it. Dogs and kids make a perfect video couple and we are sure of that. This amazing clip is a real proof that dogs are really a man's best friend. Their loyalty and companionship are the reason why they are called like that. This child wants to have some cooling in the pool, but as soon as he enters it, the mother encourages the doggy to go and get him. The hound named Thai jumps in the water, but then he climbs on the child's back, thinking that he is helping him. Hilarious view! The mom is having so much fun laughing at this ridiculous situation and so are we. Sometimes when we are willing to help someone so bad, it can go wrong in a silly way, just like this dog's attempt."

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