Rep. Trey Gowdy — FBI's Strzok, Mistress Text About Secret Society After The Election

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Published: January 23, 2018

It takes time to unravel a government and shadow government that have grown tentacles this large. But Trump loves this country and he’s trying very hard to get us back to being competitive, innovative, and free from a tyrannical government. He is definitely a flawed human being, but what’s going on in this country has been a growing disease that needed a firebrand to expose and explode it from the inside.

It was always going to be messy. There’s no clean way to do it. Trump wakes up every day and fights for our country. He’s lost almost everything because of it. But he said at the beginning, that stuff doesn’t matter anymore. The ONLY thing that matters is fighting for America First...which he is doing. Please support your president. He’s the last chance we have to avoid a civil war.

As for the "secret society," I think a lot of what people are finding is taken out of context. Not that they are ignoring comments around it, but they do not know the mood or tone of these two. I think a lot of exaggeration, joking, and hyperbole is being taken seriously. I am just not convinced these two seriously intended to overthrow Trump.

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