"Geese Having Fun On Slide"

Published January 23, 2018 42 Views

Rumble "Have you ever seen geese look so happy while being at a kids park? They really seem to have fun when using the slide in this playground. Geese are awesome birds that are known for their weird talents and unique behavior. The woman in the video experienced a not very usual scene when she caught up these two feathery friends drifting down one yellow slide. She was surprised and amused at the same time. These animals are domesticated and raised on farms by many people. They spent most of the day looking for food on short grassland next to water ponds, so that is why they are so attracted to golf courses and playgrounds. There is nothing bad to play at a kids park, even if you are a goose, right? We are sure this video will make you consider in getting one for your self, or maybe visit some near farm where they raise these super cute birds."

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