Group Of People Saves A Dog From A Semi-Frozen Lake

Published January 23, 2018 9,469 Plays $7.00 earned

Rumble This video is so incredibly nerve wracking! Everybody watching this video will be screaming at the screen. The video has us completely sucked in and freaking out hollering at the situation to hurry up and be solved! The poor dog in this video will absolutely break the heart of everyone who watches this. Apparently, some children in town saw that this dog had fallen into the frozen water and was unable to make his way back. The man who posted the video stated the following: “Some of the local neighborhood kids knocked on my door and asked for help because a dog had fallen into our semi-frozen neighborhood pond.”

It is unclear whether that man is the one holding the camera or if he was the one inching down the ice trying to save the dog. Either way, both men showed their heroism on this day, and the children who alerted the nearby adults proved to be little mini heroes doing their best to help this sweet dog. As you watch the video, we assure that all ends well. (Many viewers will not want to watch the video if they think it could end in the death of this sweet and innocent animal, and that is understandable for sure!)

The poor dog is on the very edge of the water, clamoring to try to climb back up on the edge of the bank. Unfortunately for the dog, the bank is not actually there—it is now completely covered in ice. The actual edge of the bank starts yards back from the edge of the ice that is seen here in the video. There is ice frozen at the top of the water that has created what looks to be land, but it is really only pure ice with nothing but running water beneath it. If the dog had somehow gotten pulled under the ice, he would have most certainly drowned.

At the point when the video was filmed, the dog had already been in the water for quite a while. Because of that, time is a major factor in this situation. The dilemma that everyone is faced with including the dog here at this grave moment is this: If the man trying to get the dog out of the water moves too fast, he himself will end up falling through the ice and into the freezing water that can induce hypothermia in seconds. However, if he waits for too long or move too slowly, the dog will die of hypothermia and exhaustion. The dog has only minutes to live at this point. Even getting him out does not fix everything automatically, because the dog is still at incredible risk of hypothermia and death.

The helpers behind the camera all yell trying to give the rescuer directions and tell him how to work with the leash device that he has been given. Finally, he is able to get the leash to go around the dog’s neck and pull him to safety. The poor dog looked like he was literally drowning the second he was grabbed and pulled from the water. Five more seconds and this could have ended very differently. This was surely a wonderful moment for everyone involved.