Huge Sea Turtle Tries To Chomp On Swimmer's Camera

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Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsScarface is a Loggerhead turtle who lives in an marine reserve called Hol Chan in Belize. The marine park is a protected area of the reef, but it has no barriers and animals swim freely in and out from the open ocean. But because the animals are so vigorously protected in this area, they have become very accustomed to people.

Scarface is a very large turtle, weighing approximately 100lbs, but he's far from full grown. By the time he is fully mature, he will weigh well over 400 lbs. Some Loggerheads can weigh as much as 1000lbs. This turtle got his name because he's missing an eye and has a large scar on the side of his face. Scarface eats everything he can get and he never stops looking for food. He's not aggressive and doesn't mean any harm, but he has been known to bite swimmers. He's never caused any actual injuries and it's clear that he is nibbling only out of curiosity, the same way that a lot of young animals will.

In this video, Scarface bobs around in the shallows because he knows that the fishermen in the nearby boat are cleaning their daily catch. He gets scraps of fish and conch as they toss the remnants overboard. And whatever scraps he misses, the rays and fish will quickly devour. The fishermen have become very fond of Scarface and they always save him a few extra portions.

Swimmers were happily photographing Scarface as he made his rounds and as he swam close to them to check them out, but what Kristy did not expect was that Scarface would try to eat her underwater camera. He brazenly swims up to her, looks at her and then starts trying to get his powerful jaws on her camera. A Loggerhead has jaw muscles that are designed to crack a large conch shell like a walnut and Kristy knows that the camera will be crushed in his mouth if she allows it.

After trying to make a meal her camera, Scarface also swims over to Dave to investigate. We can see Dave nervously scrambling away from his beak, and with good reason. Scarface clamped his mouth onto Dave's arm just before this video was taken. He released Dave without a problem, but left an obvious bruise and a memorable lesson to keep away from the jaws.

If Scarface had meant business, it would have been much different.

Scarface is the subject of many videos on the internet and his playful biting and curious nature have taken many people by surprise. Loggerheads are endangered and to be able to spend time so close to one is an unforgettable experience.

Despite being so mischievous, Scarface has captured the hearts of everyone with his friendliness.