Curious Cat Stuck In Claw Machine

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Published: January 22, 2018

Cats are life! They can literally brighten up our days with their antics. When was the last time you heard a cat story and it was anything normal? They get themselves stuck in such sticky situations, you are often left wondering how they managed to get there. And if that’s not funny enough, just one look at them chasing their tails would do the job.

We often hear the saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’, however, in this case, curiosity got the cat stuck inside a claw machine. You heard it right, a cat in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates managed to somehow enter a claw machine on January 20, 2018. Now, that leaves us with the conclusion that she’s either a very good contortionist or an ingenious magician.

If this doesn’t make you laugh, just imagine what it might be like taking her out of the box. We all know that what comes inside a claw box, never gets out, although they might tell us differently. They say that there is physics and a great deal of luck involved in getting an item to attach to the three-pronged claw, however, our experience and the multiple failed attempts have taught us differently.

The street cat obviously didn’t mind getting stuck inside because apparently, the inside of a claw machine is quite the luxurious cat bed. She even decided to take a nap on all of the plush toys, not paying attention to the people trying to lure her out. This video even shows us a man trying to grab her with the claws, but Ms. Kitty just wakes up enough to sense that she’s not in danger and then continues to nap her night away. Good luck to whoever wins that cat!

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