OUTRAGE as Israel just held an ethnic cleansing of Gaza conference!

4 months ago

Just 2 days after the ICJ ruling against Israel and the provisional orders it laid down, ministers attend and ethnic cleansing conference!
Right, so Israel if it wasn’t clear before have no intention whatsoever of paying any attention to the accusations of genocide now levelled against them, nor the provisional orders made against them by the International Court of Justice, as the worst of the worst of Benjamin Netanyahu’s hard right government, 12 of his ministers, including members of his own Likud Party danced and sang in attendance of a conference the entire purpose of which was to consider how to legal force the resettlement of the entire Gazan population elsewhere, so that Israel may assimilate the Gaza Strip, take it over entirely and settle it for themselves. They danced and sang in celebration of annexation and settlement, a war crime and they did it for the whole world to see, knowing that even now, even with them doing this, so many world leaders will shield them and protect them and covet them instead of upholding international law.
Right, so if anything about this entire Israeli genocide of Gaza gets under my skin right now, it is the brazen arrogance of those in charge in the face of genocide accusations being demonstrated against them and them still carrying on regardless, as if the international treaties and conventions and legislation they’ve signed up to, don’t actually apply to them. If international law isn’t upheld and respected by all signatories, then it is worthless and those western countries guilty of this, including us here in the UK, both by the governing party and the party likely to take over following the next General Election, shows that is unlikely to change. Global rule of law and democracy is under threat as the west decides Israel is an exception when there can be no exceptions, but when they can openly hold a conference, discussing ethnic cleansing in front of cameras and do so so brazenly that they fear no repercussions at all, then you know we’re all in trouble and other nations considering charges against other nations for aiding and abetting, well, the UK deserves its day in the dock on that score as much as anyone else.
So what is this conference all about them Damo? Well, a dozen members of Netanyahu’s government attended a far right conference, it’s the equivalent of Sunak and Starmer joining Tommy Robinson on a hate march basically, called ‘Settlement Brings Security & Victory’ and was organised by the far right Nahala organisation. Nahala, or Nachala, is a pro settler organisation advocating for more settlement in Judea and Samaria as they call it, the West Bank as we know it today, but also the Gaza Strip too.
Now two of Netanyahu’s infamously awful ministers, individuals that he is in coalition with, his finance minister Bezalel Smotrich of the Religious Zionist Party and security minister Itamar Ben-Gvir of hard right Otzma Yehudit were in attendance amongst others.

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