"Cutest and Funniest Great Dane Dogs | #thatpetlife"

AFV Published January 22, 2018 7 Plays

Rumble "We've got the cutest and funniest Great Dane videos that you have yet to see this year! Oh, baby! Not only are Great Danes an amazing breed, they are gentle giants and super friendly. My favorite thing about Great Danes is when they act like a lap dog - like the gentle giant that tries laying down on a small dog bed (that is made for a pup the size of a chihuahua). One of my favorite clips in the compilation is at (3:15) -- a Great Dane stands in front of a fridge and pushes the button to dispense ice but nothing happens. He stares at the fridge for a bit before pushing the button again, this time the ice comes out and he PANICS! Too funny! Which clip is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!"