French Bulldog Sings His Throat Out For A Piece Of Cheese

bulkaPublished: January 22, 2018Updated: January 25, 2018107 views
Published: January 22, 2018Updated: January 25, 2018

This is the funny moment when a squeaky French Bulldog tries to ‘sing’ in order to receive a piece of his favorite treat. Boole is incredibly smart and has a musical ear, especially when he knows that a tasty piece of cheese is the prize.

Footage shows a cute little French Bulldog puppy sitting on a chair, begging owner to give him a treat. Watch how squeaky her voice gets as she tries to ‘sing’ for the piece of cheese. This adorable pooch may even be astonished by his own voice as all kinds of weird sounds start coming out of this pup’s vocal cords.

This singing canine is impawsible to resist! Have you ever seen dogs begging their owners to give them treats by singing? That cheese must be very delicious and worth the trouble!

What do you think about the atypical sounds coming from this French Bulldog? Ranging from squeaks to baby sounds, this noise is just another one of those French Bulldog quirks that make us love them even more. This adorable canine is singing his hearts out just to get to the cheese!

Boole immediately wants a taste of the treat and cannot sit up until he gets it. We hear him whine and sadly howl as weird sounds come out of his mouth just to get his well-deserved dog treat.

From body shape to intelligence, the French Bulldog temperament leads to lots of action and fun. They just need some human help to get things rolling. For example, this owner came up with a neat way of clearing up his clogged throat by urging his pooch to sing!

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