"Curious Dog Investigates Kitchen"

AFVViralsPublished: January 22, 2018
Published: January 22, 2018

"Dogs are known as super companions to police officers in their investigations against crime. They can be very disciplined and learn things to act like real detectives. But sometimes they can be really clumsy. Dogs are so curious, that often can get them in trouble. But not this time. This dog knows that his owners are not at home, so he decides to take a sneak peak into the kitchen and search for ,,God knows what’’. As he enters it carefully, he pulls the kitchen drawer and pops up on it. Then he opens up another drawer so he can finally get on the counter. But that's not where his curiosity stops. The search continues in the sink and then he reaches high for the kitchen cabinet and opens it. He sniffs in there in search for something, but in one moment he loses his balance and slides down into the drawer. He decides that he had enough of this kitchen adventure and leaves the place afterwards."

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