"Cute Puppy Enjoys Paw Massage"

AFVVirals Published January 22, 2018 4,852 Plays

Rumble "Dogs are so amusing and sweet pets, especially when they are small, just like human babies. They require a lot of care and they enjoy a good massage as we all do. This adorable little dog gets his cute paws rubbed by his owner. The guy in an orange shirt is holding the puppy in his lap and while massaging his paws slowly the dog falls asleep. The dog is wearing cute blue collar around his neck with a red bone hanger. He really enjoys this royal treatment and takes a nap after a few seconds. nDogs help people to reduce stress, anxiety and have a role in increasing the levels of Oxycontin – a hormone responsible for our happiness and good mood. The owner of this adorable dog is like his massage therapist and the dog is obviously pleased. Returning the favor and making your pet happy and relaxed, it’s not so bad idea right?"