"Perfect Puppy Bun"

AFVVirals Published January 22, 2018 5,793 Plays

Rumble "Dogs are so cute when they have long hair fur and they inspire their owners to do some funny things with them. Although dressing your dog, especially in winter when it’s cold is a ,,MUST DO’’, when it comes to doing its hair things can get a little bit complicated. You have to see how your dog will react on the change of his appearance. And if the dog is fine with it, you can start searching for a hair style that will suit your little friend the most. In this case, the dog enjoys while the lady owner presents the making of the perfect puppy bun.nAnd this bun looks so cute, just as it sounds. The puppy is adorable with the new hair style made with the help of a purple hair clip. I am sure that looking into the puppy’s brown eyes, while watching this video, make everyone’s heart melt."