"Little Boy Jumping FAIL"

Published January 22, 2018 1,305 Views

Rumble "Family moments are surely the most interesting to watch, especially when something goes wrong in a good way. Dads and sons have a very strong friendly bond. We all know some dads who really love to do funny stuff with their kids, which makes the moms get very angry sometimes. This dad tries to video tape his 3- year old son while he jumps on the sofa. He encourages his son with the following words ,,Strong boy jump!’’. The boy is confident about the jump and raises his little arms like a super hero and yells : Yeah!. The little boy looks super cute with his red striped sweater. And when the boy tries to jump from the lime green slide to the sofa, he somehow fails to reach it and falls on his face. This is hilarious to watch as they both make some funny noises during the whole video."

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