Great Danes Work Like A Dog Helping Their Owners Run A Business

Published January 22, 2018 2,574 Views $0.48 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesA hilarious footage has emerged of two Great Dane puppies sleeping while on duty. Namely, Max and Katie are the Great Danes that work in a family business. Watch as they supervise while their owner is hard at work unboxing a shipment of bronze statues. Max decides his shift is over, before it even begins!

Footage shows Max relaxing on a comfy doggy bed, “hardworking” as a supervisor over the shipment of bronze statues his owners recently received for their family business. Judging by Max’s “difficult” job, it is indeed difficult to run a family business, and boy is this job demanding! Having five pallets of package unboxed is a tiresome task as it regards 4000 pounds of bronze statues. Footage shows just some of the boxes, after owners have unboxed most of the statues and placed them on a shelf.

As owner films the footage, he makes a funny narration of the entire process and gives a detailed info into the situation. This is the true definition of supervising dogs working on a task! However, the irony of all this, is that these lazy dogs are not even looking at the boxes.

One of the dogs, Max, is dozed off on the mattress in front of the garage and the other one, Katie, is looking at the distance, maybe after spotting a squirrel or something. The initial idea was Max to supervise the boxes and Katie to be on patrol, but these Great Danes don’t seem to be that interested in running a business, so owners are on their own!