Funny Cute Itchy Dragon Rango

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Published: January 22, 2018Updated: January 25, 2018

Rango the Cute Big Itchy Bearded Dragon!

Poor Rango the Lizard has a really bad itch as he is shedding around his lips which makes him look like he has Lipstick on, he try's everything to get it off but it just doesn't work, in the End he gives up and has a Sleep as he is worn out.

Rango was very embarrassed about his lipstick, he really wasn't impressed :-DD

Here are the bearded dragon facts on shedding.
Bearded Dragon Shedding

Shedding involves casting off skin by natural process. It doesn’t just refer to skin but as we are dealing with reptiles we are focused on the shedding of skin.

This process mostly happens due to growing and in their first year baby bearded dragons shed several times.

The sheds slow down after the first year because they stop growing as quick. Don’t get too worried if you haven’t seen your baby beardie shed yet because there is no right time. Just like us humans, bearded dragons grow at different rates and take growth spurts at different times.

One of the main signs and symptoms of shedding is the bearded dragons skin colour will appear really dull when they are about to start the process.
Bearded Dragon Shedding: How To Help

bearded dragon shedding to aid the shedding process and help it go faster, keep your beardie hydrated. The best ways to do this are performing more misting and/or baths. Your lizard will thank you for this because it can frustrate them when shedding takes longer than necessary.

Another important point to note in the process of shedding is that your bearded dragon may stop eating or not each very much. This causes a lot of new owners to panic but this is normal behaviour as the dragons body naturally wants more energy for shedding rather than digestion.

However, it’s best that they shed as fast as possible so that they can get back to normal eating habits. So as mentioned misting and baths should definitely be stepped up to help speed up the process.

Bearded Dragon Shedding Techniques

Here are some common techniques that bearded dragons use to try and shed their skin quicker.

* using rocks, branches and other dragons to rub against to try and loosen the skin

* scratching at their face and neck with their legs is also common

* rubbing their bodies along the bottom of the vivarium

* eye bulging is the technique which scares new beardie owners the most. It can look quite funny but it’s also quick worrying to see if you don’t know why it’s happening.

If you have every seen a snake shed skin then you’ll know it comes off in one piece but with a bearded dragon it sheds off in small pieces.

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