Sneaky Pit Bull Tiptoes His Way Behind A Crawling Baby, Trying To Master The Technique

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Published: January 22, 2018Updated: January 23, 2018

This is the precious moment when a rescued Pit Bull puppy decided to take a leaf out of baby’s book and learn how to crawl! Check out this hilarious footage in which the silly pooch follows the baby around the house, using them paws to sneak behind the unsuspecting baby! Adorable!

It seems like this adorable baby has taught his Pit Bull best friend how to crawl. Footage shows a cheeky dog sneaking behind a crawling toddler, in his attempt to master the curious move his toddler is using to move around the house. Watch how hard this pooch is trying to mimic the movements of the crawling toddler, as he moves across the hall, following his every step.

The dog has his paws low, touching the ground, which actually gives the impression that the silly pooch is being sneaky, tiptoeing his way behind the unsuspecting toddler. The dog is working his way through the hall, trying to keep all of his four limbs low on the ground. This rescue pooch is a good copy-cat, he has mastered the baby crawling technique to perfection! Great job!

Pitbulls were once known as the “nanny dog” because they were so good at staying with children. While most babies learn to crawl by following their own instincts, this baby used his inborn skills to help his buddy master a new way of walking. Fortunately, owners caught this precious moment on camera for their child to watch when he gets older! Cuteness overload!

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