Musical Dog Howls Along As Owner Plays Hallelujah On The Guitar

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Published: January 22, 2018

A cute video has emerged of a small dog howling along as his owner plays the popular Hallelujah song on the guitar. This is one very talented dog with good taste in music who loves howling along as owner sings and plays the guitar. This singing duo will melt your hearts!

In this adorable video, the expressive pooch is captured howling along with owner to ‘Hallelujah’. Dog owner will agree that you always hope to have a camera ready when your dog does something adorably cute. Well, this owner caught the sweetest thing on camera!

Footage shows owner sitting on the couch and playing the guitar, next to a small joyful dog. Moments later, the girl in the video starts singing the intro to popular song ‘Hallelujah’ as her dog attentively listens to her playing. Suddenly, when the girl starts singing the chorus of the song, her pooch enthusiastically joins in and starts to howl.

We have never seen a singing duo quite like this! This adorable little pooch is happy as can be and is howling away when his owner starts singing the chorus to this famous song! It is as if the dog is trying to sing ‘Hallelujah’ by howling. Adorable!

When her owner begins to sing the chorus, this musical pooch instantly joins in the harmony and howls along to the tunes. This dog’s singing will definitely put a smile on your face!

This may be this dog’s chance to become a star as she puts everything in this performance. Watch as it howls along to the sad tune, throwing its head back and looking at owner with puppy eyes. Obviously, this is one very musical canine and owner is happy to have such an enthusiastic singing companion! Great job!

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