Heart touching Puppy rescue! Will melt your heart (Full Video)

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Published: January 21, 2018Updated: January 23, 2018

3 Puppies living on the streets and taken care by people who live in that area.
One day two of them started following a person who lives there. That person had to go to the market near to that place and these 2 puppies followed him.
The market was on the side of a fast highway. They reached the market and the puppies started playing and one of them got hit by a motorcycle. The other was curious to see what happened to his brother so he went near to him and smelled him. And when he turned around he also got hit by a fast-moving car.
He was rolling under that car for 50 meters and then came out from the end and ran unconsciously.
That person couldn’t track him that time but he picked the other one and put it in a safer place.
After that, he called his friends and people came to rescue the puppy and took him back to the place where he belongs they called the doctor friend he came and gave him some medicines.
The Puppy will be taken to the hospital next morning.
Hopefully, he will recover and I can post his videos on which he is running.

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