New Guy Is Asked To "Catch An Air Sample" At Construction Site

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Published: January 21, 2018

This is the hilarious moment when one unsuspecting worker is set up for a nasty prank by his colleagues when he is asked to collect “air sample” in a garbage bag.

Footage occurred on January 19, 2018 in Pennsylvania, USA when witty construction workers decided to play a prank on the new guy at work. Namely, they told him that the inspector needed an air sample while welders welded, so he was sent out to get it!

His creative colleagues handed him a 55gal bag and told him to go catch some air in the bag. The ignorant newbie accepted the challenge and went on a mission! Video shows the hilarious moment when this unsuspecting worker grabs a bag and tries to fill it with air next to the smoke getting out of the welding machine! Incredible!

This poor man is the right man for the job as he really tries to pass with flying colors and leave a good impression in the eyes of the inspector. Little did he know that he was being played by his fellow colleagues and was set up for a nasty prank!

Moments later, one of the colleagues tells the new guy that the sample he collected is not good enough, so the poor fellow makes a second swoop with the bag, with hopes that he got the “nice” air sample in a bag. Watch as he makes a sudden, swift movement with the bag, and immediately closes the bag tightly so that the “air sample” doesn’t escape!

In addition, these witty colleagues told him that he has to keep the bag closely and give it to the inspector himself. The poor guy walked around for an hour with the bag in his grip, waiting for the inspector to get back! We feel for this guy and honestly wonder how could he fall for this obvious prank!

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