Episode 2367 CWSA 01/28/24

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Sunday fun with fake news (which is most of it). Bring coffee.
Politics, President Trump, Debanking, AI Instant Chapters, Mars Civilizations, Hemoglobin Batteries, Paid Celebrity Trolls, George Clooney, Rob Reiner, J6 Pipe Bombs, El Salvador Murder Statistics, Alzheimer’s Weight Link, CO2 Levels, Mona Lisa Attacked, Mental Illness, Brainwashed Activists, Electronic Voting Advantages, Election Integrity, E. Jean Carroll, RFK Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy, President Biden Gibberish, Joe Bribin, Snopes Bias, Debanking Truckers, J6 Movie Propaganda, Border Deal Gaslighting, Sexbot Ban, Navy Recruits, Ukraine War, Scott Adams

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