Korean Pupils Move Their Happy Feet To The Rhythm Of 'Footloose'

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Published: January 20, 2018Updated: January 22, 2018

This is the heartwarming moment when talented Korean children decided to flaunt a fine choreography on ‘Footloose’ in their classroom. Check out these awesome pupils put on an epic performance for their teacher. So cool!

Footage shows a group of pupils reproducing the popular ‘Footloose’ dancing scene, dancing to the quick rhythm. Watch how devoted these kids are when they put their happy feet into action. They have memorized their dance moves by heart and move in perfect harmony. They stole the show and left the audience in awe!

This may be the cutest choreography to ‘Footloose’ we have ever witnessed. Pupils move to the rhythm and dance in mirroring style! Amazing! As the video shows, this group of talented pupils surprised the teached with their incredible performance, when they gathered in the classroom for a dazzling performance of ‘Footloose’.

Watch this choreography, and follow their moves, soon you will want to copy their performance and put your own happy feet into action and dance to the rhythm. These pupils steal the spotlight with a less-than-masterful, but oh-so enthusiastic rendition of the Footloose dance.

It is amazing how they all move in perfect harmony, obviously they have well-practiced the moves to this song, and are very excited to get down to the music when the song starts playing. Adorable! Give it up for these talented children as they truly displayed some incredible moves for us to enjoy.

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