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xplicitproductionzPublished: January 20, 2018Updated: January 23, 2018
Published: January 20, 2018Updated: January 23, 2018

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Always grew up going to Importfest held in Toronto which is a Tuner Car Auto Show which happens once a year. Every year the Importfest team put together a fabulous show displaying the top car enthusiast builds across Canada. There are individuals that join the show that travel with there cars from the U.S
Nav has given me the opportunity to shoot his car while it was parked up outside the business. I had very little to work with as the car was moved only to bring it into the shop which gave me little control of my angles. I still put together something unique and fun and hope you guy enjoy this Wide Body Porsche Build featuring Vossen Wheels and Air Lift Suspension.
Summer of 2k18 is going to be loads of fun. I am coming up with a fun and exciting new vidoe concept as everyone brings there cars out of storage. As we all know Canada gets some brutal winter weather that doesn't allow us to drive our builds year round. I am excited to announce the new equipment i've added to my belt. More details will be added but 4k is definitive the future.

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